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Safey cards 2011
Download Cantell's modified safety cards for free by clicking on the flags below*. Please visit United Nations website for other languages.

For laminated instructions in writing, please visit our webshop and place an order.

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*The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) informs that at a WP15 meeting it was decided that the new instruction in writing have to be identical to the layout shown in the ADR Convention. As a result, it is no longer allowed to change the wording, the format, the information or for instance to add a logo. 

At Cantell we have decided to keep our modified version, which is identical to the standard in the ADR Convention. However, to meet the requirements of the ADR Convention, which dictates that the instructions in writing must be easy to identify and locate, we have decided to add red dotted lines on the sides. In addition, we have added national flags in order to facilitate the identification of the different language versions.

All the different language versions can be downloaded in its original format by visiting the United Nation website.