consultancy on dangerous goods... it's a matter of safety
You may find yourself in a situation where the knowledge level in the organisation is insufficient, or you may need advice on how to interpret the legislation correctly. At Cantell we offer three ways of consultancy:

If you do not require fast responce please use our form, or send us an email, and you will normally receive our reply within 12 hours. This service is free of charge, but we do require full details of the contact person. Emails without company name, contact person etc. will not be answered. By using our free consultancy service, you are automatically included on our mailing list and will receive relevant news. However, you can always unsubscribe.
Free consultancy is not provided to companies offering consultancy, including DGSA services. If you belong to this category we will, however, look forward to engage in a dialogue with you. Having Cantell as sparring partner is not necessarily expensive for your company.

Are you caught in the midst of a stressful situation where the plane must take off, the truck needs to leave, the board of directors needs an answer or any other situation where an answer is needed in an instant, our phone consulting service is the path to choose. Phone +45 76 24 00 48. Pay as you go or subscribe to our phone consulting service.

On-site consultancy
In case a situation requires it, our consultants will be happy to pay your company a visit and provide you with adequate guidance. For instance, in relation to packing, loading of vehicles, storage etc.